Caribou Ballerina Print 2. 11"x14" print

Caribou Ballerina Print 2. 11"x14" print

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This fine art print features a Ballerina with a caribou head done by Inuit artist Aakatchaq. She is leaping up with her arms extended back behind her. This PRINT is 11"x14". It is a digital print on quality paper and will fit in a standard 11x14" frame. Each print is signed by the artist. (The word for caribou in Inupiaq is tutu.)

 Artist Bio

Inupiaq Eskimo artist Aakatchaq (Ak-ah-chak) is Kikiktagrukmiut, born and raised above the Arctic Circle in Kotzebue, Alaska. Aakatchaq began creating art professionally at the end of 1999. She continues to experiment with new materials such as moving from canvas portraits to those on stretched caribou and deerskin, or creating visual effects wth large-scale encaustic paintings. She also works with various forms of sculpture from aluminum and wood to polystyrene creatures.